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Abu Dhabi police to issue permits to groups traveling long distances on roads over 80 km / h

Abu Dhabi’s new cycling rules that require long-distance travel permits will help promote safety for cyclists and improve the sport, members of cycling teams in Abu Dhabi said.

Abu Dhabi police earlier this week launched the electronic traffic permit service for amateur cyclists. Within this framework, permits are granted to groups traveling long distances on roads with a speed exceeding 80 km / h.

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Rabdan Cycling team member Fahd Salem Al Wahedi says he’s satisfied with the rules.

“I really liked them. We will have the permits to use the roads and that will make cycling safer and promote the sport, ”said Al Wahedi, a government employee.

“The police will not stop us anymore since we will have permits allowing us to use the roads.”

The 42-year-old Emirati says his team has 42 runners, including community cyclists and runners.

Previously, they drove on roads for long distance trips in groups of 10 or more on Fridays and Saturdays from 5.30am to 8.30am when traffic is light. “We always have an escort vehicle to protect our riders and ensure their safety,” he said.

Al Wahedi says the Rabdan Cycling team, which has been there for over six years, welcomes everyone as long as they can follow the safety measures.

Now the electronic route makes it a must for amateur cyclists in Abu Dhabi

Rolf Jager, an Irish personal trainer and cyclist, believes the new rules will encourage others to properly lead a group ride with all safety measures.

“Personally, I don’t think the rules will affect groups that have been together for a long time as they already follow all safety guidelines, but will only need to apply for a permit 48 hours before riding,” said Jager, 22 years. .

“The only thing that has changed for me is that I can now avoid driving on roads with a speed limit of over 80 km / h to avoid having to apply for a permit on a daily basis. “

The Irish expatriate says his group of cyclists has around 20 cyclists and they make three distance trips per week.

“Cycling has become extremely popular, especially during the pandemic, which is probably the main reason these rules were put in place,” Jager adds.

“If you get out on the roads early on a Friday morning, you’re definitely going to see at least a large group of cyclists.”

Abu Dhabi police said cyclists can submit their applications using their website within at least 48 hours from the date of application for the permit.

The move is to preserve the safety of all road users by regulating the use of bicycles in the emirate.

Cyclists have been advised to wear helmets, place front and rear lights on the bicycle, provide an escort vehicle to protect them, equip the vehicle with hazard lights and meet safety requirements.

Cycling has become popular in Abu Dhabi and many groups can be seen across Yas Island to the ledge by the Saadiyat Highway and over the Sheikh Zayed Bridge to Khalifa town and back to the island of Yas during the weekends.

Several cycle paths have been constructed along various roads in Abu Dhabi City and in the suburbs.

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