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Aldi is selling a set of garden power tools from May 21, 2020, all designed to use the same batteries. We’ve taken a first look to see if investing in this set is the right deal, it seems.

Cordless garden power tools, such as lawn mowers and hedge trimmers, have become very popular in recent years due to improved rechargeable battery technology. As they are not constrained by the length of a power cable, they allow you to work wherever you want and there is no risk of cutting a power cable.

These cordless tools usually don’t come cheap, so the experts at Which? The gardening magazine was keen to try Aldi tools to see if they really are the deal they seem.

What garden power tools are in the Aldi range?

Aldi has the following garden power tools in the range. There are also DIY tools that use the same batteries:

  • Cordless hedge trimmer – uses a 20V or 40V battery
  • Cordless trimmer – uses 20V or 40V battery
  • Cordless lawn mower – uses a 20V or 40V battery
  • Cordless chainsaw – uses a 40V battery

The battery and charger are shared across the range, so you will need to buy one (but bear in mind that the 20V battery will not work in all tools in the range.) This saves you money. ‘money when you buy the ‘additional tool skins, rather than buying with their battery and charger each time.

The prices are very tempting, starting at just £20 for the cordless trimmer ‘skin’. Read our first looks to see what we thought of these tools: hedge trimmer; brush cutter; Lawn mower.

Do other brands offer cordless garden power tools with shareable batteries?

Yes, several brands offer garden power tools that share a battery within the range, allowing you to buy a single battery and charger and save money. However, keep in mind that not all tools in the range are necessarily equally good and you may not need more than one or two of them in the garden. rear middle, so don’t assume that a shared battery array is always the best answer.

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