Australia will sizzle and face cop storms in the last weekend before Christmas


It will be getting hotter in many parts of the country this weekend.

And soaring temperatures are also expected to trigger storms in several states.

A trough on Saturday will send hot, dry and gusty winds across Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales, kicking up dust and a fire danger.

The lows will keep the heat in central and northern Australia, triggering storms in the Northern Territory, Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

The trough will also reach southern New South Wales on Saturday. As it does, it will begin to interact with low-level moisture that has built up after days of easterly winds.

This could potentially trigger severe thunderstorms in southeastern New South Wales and eastern Victoria.

Meanwhile, the fronts will bring a cooler change to the southwest of Western Australia, South Australia and later Victoria and Tasmania.

By Sunday, the lows will merge causing increased humidity, and showers and storms will become widespread across Victoria, NSW, central Australia and the tropics.

A front will bring strong winds and showers to Tasmania as well as southern Victoria and some showers to southeastern South Africa. While a high will clear southern Western Australia.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts areas of mild to extreme heat wave conditions for northern Western Australia, with Broome and surrounding areas expected to experience the hottest conditions.

There are also areas of mild to severe heat waves predicted for southeastern Western Australia, the Northwest Territories, western Queensland and Cape York extending into the west and south. north-eastern South Africa.

Bureau of Meteorology heat wave map
Bureau of Meteorology heat wave map (Office of Meteorology)

An area of ​​low intensity heat wave stretches across northwestern New South Wales.

And the heat and storms are expected to persist ahead of Christmas Day, with early models showing a warm air mass over Australia early next week.

It will be a mostly warm and muggy Christmas in parts of the country, according to Weatherzone.

While large parts of Australia were kept unusually cool in November by frequent periods of cloud and rain, December was noticeably brighter and drier for much of the country.

Weatherzone's Christmas Day Weather Forecast
Weatherzone’s Christmas Day Weather Forecast (weather zone)

Temperatures will gradually climb in Adelaide throughout the week, with the city possibly seeing the mercury hit 36-37C on Christmas Day, making it the city’s hottest Christmas in three years and the one of its five warmest Christmas days in 35 years.

WA and Victoria are both forecast to be warm on Christmas Day, with temperatures possibly reaching the low thirties in Perth and Melbourne, while hitting the high thirties in North West Victoria.

Australia’s eastern capitals appear to be escaping a warm Christmas this year, with onshore winds likely to limit daytime heating and increase the likelihood of showers.

At this point, Hobart will most likely be dry and into the mid-twenties on Christmas Day, while Darwin has a chance of rain and thunderstorms.

– Reported to Weatherzone and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology


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