Best Artificial Grass 2021: Realistic and Good Quality Artificial Grass


If you have a concrete yard that cannot be planted with real grass, then artificial grass may be worth considering, but be aware of the environmental concerns associated with its use (see below). Our expert guide discovers the best options for your garden, scoring the look of the grass and the ease of installation.

We tested 15 types of mid-priced artificial grass to see which looked the most natural, even when subjected to hard wear.

With so many artificial grass brands to choose from, our rigorous testing can help. The best artificial grass we’ve seen looks like real grass from afar, but low-scoring options are let down by weak backing material that struggles to hold the turf secure.

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Artificial Grass Test Results

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What are the environmental implications of artificial grass?

  • The majority of soil worms and insects that usually live under real lawns will not be able to survive under artificial grass laid on earth, creating unknown effects on soil ecology.
  • Fake lawns do not provide valuable food for birds and other garden wildlife, including pollinators that feed on lawn flowers, such as daisies and clovers.
  • They don’t convert carbon dioxide to oxygen like grass does, which can have a negative effect on carbon levels in the atmosphere.
  • They are made of plastic and when they need to be removed they cannot be recycled and must be landfilled or incinerated.

Fake grass allows rain to drain away just as efficiently as real lawns, and you shouldn’t need to use harmful weed killers or pesticides to keep it healthy.

How we test artificial grass

For each type of synthetic turf we test, we pay particular attention to the following points:

  • Heat resistance – We spill boiling water on the fake grass and lay a hot disposable barbecue on it to see if it melts.
  • Pose – We rate the instructions, if any, and how easy it is to set up the grass on a flat surface.
  • Appearance -We leave the grass outside for six months, driving a wear machine over it to see how well the joint holds together and how well the grass holds up to heavy use.
  • Cleaning – We let mud and leaves build up on the lawn before cleaning them up with a leaf blower and hose. We even mix up a mixture of molasses, oats and soil to simulate the dog’s mess, and let it sit on the lawn for a weekend before cleaning it up.

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