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‘Super Bowl of Striptease’

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Channing Tatum wants ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ to be the ‘Super Bowl of stripping’.

The 41-year-old actor is gearing up for what is likely his final arc as Magic Mike, and he’s promised not to hold anything back in the franchise’s third film.

He said: “I want this to be the Super Bowl of stripping.

“I want to dance like we never got to in the other two movies, because we had to be honest about the reality of this world, which isn’t big dance.”

The Hollywood star explained that his last dance sequence with Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss in ‘Magic Mike XXL’ is a hint of what’s to come in the next movie.

Channing – who actually worked as a stripper before finding success as an actor – told People: “There’s never been anything in the real world that I’ve stripped down to that be almost as good as that [last dance].

“We are already breaking the rules of this, the reality of this world. I want to have professional dancers [from all over]Russian ballet dancers, I want to jump in and create a whole new genre of this form.”

Despite this, Channing is determined to have a well-written female lead in the new film.

He explained: “I want to have an equal if not even more centralized female character for Mike to really and almost play.

“I do not want to say, [to have her] take over but really let the movie be about one woman’s experience and not mike’s experience because so much has been said about mike’s and guys’ experiences. These films are very, very feminine. At least that’s our intention.”


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