Comedian Murray Hill Loses “Everything” in Fire, Receives Overwhelming Support, Entertainment News


Not everyone had a great Thanksgiving dinner.

American comedian Murray Hill lost “almost everything” in an apartment fire this Thanksgiving, which was also his 50th birthday.

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A total of 140 firefighters were at the scene of the four-alarm blaze and six of them were injured on the job, reports confirmed. Hill had been living in the same apartment complex for over 20 years and was out of town when the fire broke out. No other residents were injured either, reports confirm.

Murray’s apartment is uninhabitable and he will have to start over. He’s lost virtually everything from the roof over his head, to furniture, electronics, clothing, years of irreplaceable showbiz memories, to bespoke show costumes and more.Each donation, regardless of size, will help cover moving costs, furniture, appliances, clothing, rent, legal representation, l ‘storage space, bills etc,’ reads Hill’s GoFundMe page.

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The entire building was evacuated due to smoke and water damage.

The GoFundMe page has received many donations, surpassing its goal of $ 100,000 in a matter of days and people are continuing to donate, according to reports.

Hill also thanked the FDNY on Instagram for “their truly heroic efforts. They prevented even more tragedies. “

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Murray Hill’s website also says he shot scenes for Amy Schumer’s Hulu show ‘Life & Beth’, Bridget Everett’s new HBO show ‘Somebody Somewhere’ and Fox’s show ‘Welcome to Flatch ‘which should all be released this year.


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