Cute dog Storm makes his live weather press briefing


Social media users fell in love with a cute dog named Storm who showed up for the cameras on a weather TV show.

It all started when Global News chief meteorologist Anthony Farnell was predicting weather conditions in Canada when his dog named Storm arrived on the plateaus.

The cute dog started to search for food while the reporter continued with his work.

Social media users immediately fell in love with the dog and had funny yet kind words for the master-pet duo.

In Karachi, a hilarious video surfaced that showed a dog running away with a gun from a travel agent in the Bahadurabad area of ​​Karachi

It can be seen in the video that a man, who runs a travel agency, kept his gun down as he opened the door to his shop.

Previously, a dog was filmed helping two women get to safety after their car got stuck in Glasgow floodwaters as netizens greeted her after the video was shared about the social networks.

The short clip shared on social media shows the dog teaming up with the owner to bring the car to safety in Scotland, where flash floods have hit parts of the country.

An Indian YouTuber has been arrested for making a video after he tied his pet dog to several helium gas balloons in an attempt to make him “fly”.

Guarav, who has four million subscribers, was arrested after tying his pet dog “Dollar” to helium balloons in Delhi.

The footage shows the Pomeranian mix flying through the air and soon colliding with a balcony, where a person grabs the animal and pulls it to safety.

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