Dangerous surf warning in place for NSW amid wilder weather forecast

A dangerous surf warning is in place for the New South Wales coastline as wetter weather is expected to hit the state today.

A strong southerly swell is expected to move up the state’s coast today.

Surf Life Saving NSW urged the public to exercise caution, especially those on the south central coast.

A dangerous surf warning is in place for the east coast of NSW. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

“Constant high tides of up to five meters are expected on the far south coast, while regions, including the central coast, can expect swells of 3.5 to four meters offshore,” said Surf Life Saving NSW in a statement.

“It is expected that these conditions could make themselves felt as far as the Queensland border to some extent, affecting open and exposed beaches and headlands.”

Rain and wind conditions are expected this weekend for NSW.

Floods hit suburbs on the south coast of New South Wales.
Mogo town center is completely submerged. (9News)

Major flooding hit Mogo on the south coast of NSW with the center of town completely submerged today.

The floodwaters show no signs of subsiding.

Just two years ago, bushfires ravaged the city, devastating residents, some of whom are still in temporary accommodation.

Flood warnings remain in place for rivers on the south coast of New South Wales.

Major flood warnings are still in place for parts of Queensland this morning.

It comes as heavy rains triggered flash flooding yesterday.

A woman has died after a car was swept away by floodwaters in north Brisbane. (9News)

Authorities say conditions are easing slightly.

Precipitation has decreased in western Gippsland, parts of northeast Victoria and the Werribee River.

“Within 72 hours at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, widespread total precipitation of 60 to 130 mm was recorded in parts of flood monitoring covered by warnings,” the Bureau of Meteorology said.

“An additional 10 to 30 mm are planned from Friday to Saturday. “

A high pressure system will slowly move eastward to center over the southern Tasman Sea by Sunday morning.

This system will run across South Australia throughout the weekend.

Today will be dry with mild conditions near the south coast.

A heat trough over inland Kimberley and Pilbara will persist over the weekend.

There is a low to medium probability of showers and gusty thunderstorms over the districts of Daly, northern Arnhem and northwestern Gregory.

A 77-year-old century-old house was destroyed in minutes, razed to the ground by a raging bushfire.

Devastating fires ravage Western Australia

It should be fine elsewhere.


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