Delhi Weather News: Delhi shivers at 3.2 degrees Celsius as cold spell grips northern India, relief likely from Wednesday

As northern India shivers from a cold spell, Delhi recorded a minimum temperature of 3.2 degrees Celsius on Monday morning.

The minimum temperature is five degrees below normal for this time of year. It is the second day in a row that the minimum temperature has fallen below the level of 5 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures dipped below freezing in a few places in Rajasthan, with Fatehpur registering -1.8 degrees Celsius.

The meteorological service had said cold snap conditions would persist until December 21 in parts of northwestern India.

Relief is expected to come from December 22 as the minimum temperature could reach 6 or 7 degrees Celsius due to two consecutive western disturbances, a senior scientist at IMD said.

A chilling ‘severe’ cold snap swept across parts of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh on Sunday, with Churu in Rajasthan reporting the lowest minimum temperature of minus 2.6 degrees Celsius in the north -western India, followed by Sikar (minus 2.5 degrees Celsius) and Amritsar (minus 0.5 degrees Celsius).

In the plains, the IMD declares a cold spell if the minimum temperature drops to 4 degrees Celsius. A cold spell is also declared when the minimum temperature is 10 degrees Celsius or lower and is 4.5 notches below normal.

A “severe” cold spell occurs when the minimum temperature drops to two degrees Celsius or the deviation from normal exceeds 6.4 degrees Celsius.

When the minimum temperature is less than or equal to 10 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is at least 4.5 degrees Celsius lower than normal, it is called a “cold day”.

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