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And as times have changed since the original advertisement aired in 1968, the new recruit – whether female or male, must combine a sense of adventure and daring with the understanding that “the gestures of romance, friendship and even kindness can take many forms.

James Coombes, who made his first appearance as Milk Tray Man in 1987 [Cadbury]. After 19 different commercials, including escaping from an avalanche, the Milk Tray Man finally retired in 2003. The push will include movie, in-store and social media activity to encourage consumers to apply for the role. in line.

Long story short, the Milk Tray man embarks on James Bond-style missions in an effort to gift the classic Milk Tray to a very lucky woman. “However, that feeling has changed over time and with that our hero too, who now needs to be thoughtful and adventurous.”

A Cadbury spokesperson said: “While a sense of adventure is always key to his character, what we expect from today’s Milk Tray Man is someone thoughtful who does extra effort “.

Mondelez also gave Milk Tray a new look and introduced three new chocolates – Salted Caramel Charm, Truffle Heart and Apple Crunch.

The ad first aired 35 years ago, with the tagline “All Because The Lady Loves Milk Tray”, and saw the famous hero fight with sharks, jump off a cliff and play with them. death just to deliver a box of treats to a beautiful female.

Now the ads from the ’70s and’ 80s are being remade – and the search for a new star is on.


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