Entertainment News | Never had my due before OTT: Kirti Kulhari


Srinagar, September 29 (PTI) Actor Kirti Kulhari, star of popular web series like “Four More Shots Please!” and “Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors”, says she is happy to be part of the OTT platforms that have welcomed new talent with open arms.

Streaming services have given more opportunities in showbiz not only to actors but also to directors and writers, she added.

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“I never had my due before OTT. I’m very happy now to be here at a time when so many new faces, new talents are entering the industry … not just actors but also directors, directors of photography and screenwriters, “Kulhari said in an interactive” Act for the Camera “session at the closing ceremony of the inaugural Himalayan Film Festival held in Leh, Union territory of Ladakh on Tuesday evening.

The five-day event, which hosted a wide range of films from the Himalayan region, also hosted enriching and informative conversation sessions and master classes.

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Kulhari also spoke about her theater experience, her choice of films like the acclaimed 2016 legal drama “Pink”, and her journey as an actress so far.

“Cinema is a very powerful medium to bring about change and that’s why I do what I do. For me, being an actor is making a change. These are conversations that we should be having on different. types of things. Most of my work is about things that haven’t been talked about or that have been ignored or deleted. “

The actor said it was important that everyone, regardless of gender, be empowered.

“The movie ‘Pink’, for example, is about consent. When I make a movie like ‘Pink’, I know the impact it has. Even though it makes 10 people think about the idea of ​​consent, we have Won… thinking matters, ”Kulhari added.

She also expressed her satisfaction that writers are finally getting their due from the industry.

“Writers are finally getting their due. I’m from the industry but I know how we treat our writers … It’s frustrating, boring and it makes you very, very angry because you’re here to do something about it. what do you believe, ”she said.

The closing ceremony of the film gala included the award ceremony of the special competition section for short films and documentaries of the festival to recognize talented filmmakers from the Himalayan region.

The Ladakh short film “Sekool”, directed by Stenzin Tankong, won the award for best screenplay.

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