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Eric Clapton successfully sued a woman who sold a pirate CD for just £ 8.45.

The 76-year-old singer and songwriter took legal action against a 55-year-old German woman identified only as Gabriele P, who claimed she was unaware she was committing copyright infringement by writing “Eric Clapton – Live USA ”- which contained recordings of performances from the 1980s – on the auction site eBay.

German lawyers had sent the woman a letter about the registration, and she replied, “I oppose this and ask you not to harass me or contact me again.” Please feel free to file a complaint if you insist on the requirements. “

An injunction was filed and the court ruled in favor of the hitmaker of “Wonderful Tonight”. German department store.

Gabriele lost her appeal, with the judge insisting that it was irrelevant that she hadn’t bought the CD herself. The court ordered her to pay both parties’ legal fees, which amounted to £ 2,889 and warned her that if she continued to put the record up for sale, under German copyright law , she could be fined up to £ 212,353 or six months in prison.

Michael Eaton, the singer’s manager, said: “Germany is a country where sales of pirated and counterfeit CDs are rampant, harming the industry and customers with shoddy and deceptive recordings.

“Along with a number of other great artists and record labels, Eric Clapton has, through German lawyers, successfully pursued hundreds of contraband cases in German courts in German legal proceedings. author.

“Costs are usually minimal, unless the case goes to court, which has happened here when the lady hired her own lawyers.” Now that all the facts of this particular case are known, the intention is that the formal German procedure should no longer be continued. “

The woman’s lawyer told the Bild newspaper that they intended to appeal again.

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