Heat to bring showbiz news to a new music channel


According to publisher Lucie Cave Heat, the publisher’s Heatworld.com site has approximately 850,000 monthly users.

Heat, which already runs a magazine, website and radio station, will launch on television next month with a new celebrity news and music channel that will feature showbiz news.

The channel, which will be available on Sky and Virgin from July 3, is reportedly targeting the “connected, multitasking generation” by providing both music video content and an editorial content overlay.

News content will be delivered to viewers via a rolling newsreel and weekly digest, as well as editorial VTs.

According to Heat editor-in-chief Lucie Cave, the magazine currently has 1.4 million readers and its website Heatworld.com has approximately 850,000 monthly users.

But she said that “television was the one area that we had not yet explored properly and felt perfectly suited.”

“We already have such great authority in the film / TV / music section of our magazine – it made perfect sense to add another platform to the brand.”

She added: “Heat TV will essentially be a music channel, but the key differentiator will be news content – celebrity news, news as it happens and a few celebrity tweets onscreen. minutes after they were exploited in their Twitter feed. “

The channel will have a dedicated team for this work, but the magazine staff will also be able to contribute their own ideas and “cross-platform opportunities,” she said.

“The news crew will work closely with magazines, online and on the radio.”

Dave Young, programming director at Box TV who works with Heat on the new channel, told Journalism.co.uk that having been inspired several years ago by the way news stations in the United States were broadcasting, he “thought it would be really interesting if it was ported to music television.”

He added that the collaborative editorial effort behind the channel will ensure that “the story is cohesive without being fully duplicated across all platforms.”

“There will be a conference on the news agenda every day, so in many ways the TV team will be first and before the headlines are released they will be discussed in a conference environment, with the magazine and online, so we all agree, the story is consistent. ”

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