It’s Official: Jungle Cruise Confirmed in Original Cast 2 | Entertainment News


Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt and Jack Whitehall will return to Jungle Cruise 2.

Disney has confirmed to Hollywood Reporters that the trio will return as Frank Wolff, Dr. Lily Houghton and McGregor Houghton, respectively, after the success of the first film.

Jaume Collet-Serra will also direct the sequel to the film series, inspired by the fascination of the theme park of the same name, which grossed $ 100 million in domestic box office revenue.

The Rock, 49, commented on Twitter:

“Mahalo to his colleague @Borys_Kit who broke the big news for the Jungle Cruise sequel !!”

“It’s gonna be fun!

“Oh, toast a jungle cruise that just surpassed $ 100 million at the domestic box office.”

And British comedian Jack wrote:

“Jungle Cruise 2: Jolly up the Thames.

“# Continued #ManifestIt.”

Dwayne recently admitted he got goosebumps when he first entered the “Jungle Cruise” set.

The Disney blockbuster was filmed in Kauai, Hawaii. The actor expected the decor to be “spectacular,” but was amazed at how impressive the replicas of the Brazilian port city, including hotels, taverns, docks and markets, looked. Designed specifically for a visual project.

He says: But when we finally walked on set together, we were surprised – there was goosebumps. “

Meanwhile, Jack’s mother thinks she should have joined the movie.

The 33-year-old star asked for help preparing an audition for Hillary Whitehall, and she joked that she was good at reading lines spoken by Dwayne’s character, Captain Skipper. She should have been chosen too.

She said: “When Jack auditioned he came over to me and had her rehearse the lines in the kitchen. If I say so, I read the rock part brilliantly, and frankly I should be in the movie too! “

Jack has previously claimed that his “first-class gentleman” personality was based on his father, and Michael believes McGregor owes him some idea of ​​his style.

When asked what he thought was an inspiration, Michael said exclusively to BANG Showbiz. “At least that guided her wardrobe choice in the right direction.

“”[Jack’s own style is] variable. He often thinks his pants are too short. “

It’s Official: Jungle Cruise Confirmed in Original Cast 2 | Entertainment News


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