Jake Gyllenhaal to feature in Sam Hargrave’s “Prophet”, Entertainment News


Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal is set to star in Extraction director Sam Hargrave’s superhero movie “Prophet”.

The project, based on the comic book series Image from “Deadpool” creator Rob Liefeld, comes from Studio 8. It will be directed by Hargrave from a screenplay written by Marc Guggenheim, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

Gyllenhaal will play John Prophet, a man recruited by the Germans towards the end of World War II and subjected to scientific experiments which gave him superhuman strength.

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In the film, John Prophet (Gyllenhaal) volunteers for a German experiment near the end of WWII to feed his family. After a bombardment buries him alive and traps him underground for 20 years, he wakes up in 1965, where things aren’t going well for Prophet. The world has evolved without him, his daughter is angry with him, and KGB agents are chasing him to create super-soldiers out of his blood.

Liefeld introduced Prophet in the pages of the Image Comics “Youngblood” series before the character made headlines for his own title in 1993. He could best be described as anti-Captain America – an era-era super-soldier. DNA-enhanced WWII that awakens in our time after being put into cryogenic freezing for a future mission. Sadly, he wasn’t supposed to wake up for years, making Prophet a fish out of the water, spending his time in search of a mission that doesn’t exist.

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Studio 8 CEO Jeff Robinov will produce with Studio 8’s John Graham, Prime Universe Films’ Adrian Askarieh, Liefeld and Brooklyn Weaver.

Gyllenhaal has comic book background, having played villainous Mysterio in “Spider-Man: Far From Home” in 2019. He recently unveiled the Netflix thriller “The Guilty” and is an Oscar nominated actor. for “Brokeback Mountain”.

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