Lisa Davina Phillip: “Boxing Day is a timely film” | Entertainment News


Lisa Davina Phillip thinks “Boxing Day” is a “timely” movie.

The actress stars as Aunt Valrie in the festive new film which stands out for its all-black cast – which includes Little Mix singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock in her acting debut – and finds the project to be particularly relevant in the context of Black Lives Matter movement.

Lisa exclusively told BANG Showbiz at the London premiere this week: “It was fantastic, it was good, it was timely.

“I think the last two years have been tough with Black Lives Matter and so having a movie that celebrates black lives, black love, black excellence, black families is so important.

“This is not a gang culture or drug based movie, it’s completely the other way around. People will love it because it shows a black family like a normal everyday family, that is. is beautiful.”

“Boxing Day” was co-written and directed by Aml Ameen – who also stars as lead character Melvin – and Lisa says he created a fun environment during filming.

She remembers, “There was music all the time, so between takes Aml would just put music on for us to dance and jam to the music, but I think it was also technical trying to create. a close link. family, but it also just created a fantastic atmosphere on set. “

Lisa added that it was “important” that the film explored British black culture.

She explained: “It’s a very deeply rooted film in the UK and it’s really important to celebrate our black culture because it’s rich and vibrant and it’s wonderful to see that on the big screen.”


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