Michael Buble is dramatic


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Michael Buble is a “dramatic b****”.

The 46-year-old singer admitted his wife Luisana Lopilato – who is pregnant – is much “cooler” and poised than him and they think like their children, Noah, eight, Elias, six and three. Vida overreacting to situations was inherited from him.

He told i newspaper: “My wife would tell you that my life is dramatic. I would tell you that I am easy going, but in fact I am a dramatic asshole.

“And now I see it in my children – when my eight-year-old tells a story and his eyes are so big and expressive. The other day, my wife’s parents, who have lived with us throughout the pandemic, left to return to Argentina. My children reacted as if they were being dragged into a death camp and never to be seen again.

“My wife – who is so cool, the complete opposite of me, and who takes everything with the greatest irony – said, ‘Michael, it’s just you.’ I love drama. I think you have to love it to perform. It’s part of what makes me creative.

In 2016, Michael took a break while Noah battled liver cancer and he admitted the situation made him vow never to let his career “take over” his life again.

He said: “I will work hard, but I will never let this take over my life again. I will never shirk my responsibilities as a father. I just know it will end in tears. I’d rather look back and think, “If I had worked harder, I could have sold more records and had bigger revenue on the tour.

“I can accept that, but I can’t accept thinking, ‘If only I had been with my kids more.'”

The ‘Feeling Good’ hitmaker appreciated being able to spend more time with his family due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He said, “I was in Vancouver. I had to be home, with a new baby. I had to be a full-time dad. I was the homeschooler.”


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