Nicole Richie’s hair catches fire at birthday party, Entertainment News


Nicole Richie’s hair caught on fire as she blew out the candles on a birthday cake.

The TV star celebrated her 40th birthday on Tuesday (September 21) and received a spectacular cake for the historic occasion.

However, Nicole’s birthday celebrations took a dramatic turn when she blew out the candles and flames grabbed the tips of her hair.

Nicole then started screaming in fear, as the flames increased in size and she desperately tried to extinguish them with her hands.

The Simple Life star was also helped by her friends and family, who joined her for the celebrations, and no one was seriously injured in the incident, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Nicole posted a video clip of the spooky moment on her Instagram page.

She captioned the video: “Well… so far 40 is [fire emojis] (sic) “

Some of Nicole’s showbiz pals quickly took to Instagram to respond to the dramatic video and ask if she was okay now.

Naomi Campbell said, “Happy Birthday Cuz, are you alright Cuz? May the reign continue, that’s all. [hearts and cake emojis] (sic) “

Amy Schumer wrote in response: “Oh my gawwwd (sic)”

Katy Perry Said “WAIT NO WAIT OMG (sic)”


Elsewhere, former Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland wrote: “My heart just fell !!!! (sic)”

And Ellen Pompeo – who is best known for her lead role in Grey’s Anatomy – replied on social media: “HBD !!! Hope you are doing well!” [heart emoji] (sic) “

Meanwhile, Nicole previously opened up about what she loved about filming The Simple Life.

The TV star appeared on the hit show alongside Paris Hilton, and she appreciated that it never got too intrusive.

She said: “I think one of my favorite things about The Simple Life and one of my favorite things about it was, it really took us out of our daily lives and put us in the someone else’s world.

“So I was always able to maintain a level of privacy and have my own life.”


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