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For me, there is no better time to go down the coast than after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve. The weather will be fine, there are fewer people on the beaches and in small towns, you will be paying off-season rates for accommodation, and you will find lots of great outdoors on beaches, bays, cuts. and the channels. And fishing is going well for many species. One of the most prized species of the salty coast is back in season. The plaice season was closed from November 1 to December 14, but many anglers want to take the bait. December is usually at the end of the flounder migration, or migration, and this year they are not disappointing.

Outdoors: Holidays, a Good Time to Go to the Coast | Sports News The plaice is a flatfish that begins life with one eye on either side of the head and swims like most other fish, but when it passes to the juvenile stage, one of the eyes migrates to the other side. and he spends the rest of their life swimming horizontally.

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