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How Ozzy spent his first payday

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Ozzy Osbourne spent his first big paycheck on Brut aftershave.

The Black Sabbath legend recalled his time before the release of the band’s debut album in 1970 and admitted he would use the rent money he had already given his mother to go to the pub, so that he decided to start when he received his first salary.

As quoted by the Daily Star newspaper, he told an American radio show: “The first money I made was £105, which was the most money I ever had in my life.

“I bought a bottle of Brut. The Brut smells better than ******* and armpits. At the time, I smelled a little, okay.

“I also bought a pair of shoes, gave my mum a few bobs and went to get p*****. Then I got my mum’s money and went to get some more p*****.”

Meanwhile, the 73-year-old music icon – who suffers from Parkinson’s disease – previously revealed he kept himself busy during the coronavirus pandemic by firing guns into his back garden to prevent his mind to wander.

Ozzy – who now owns up to 10 air rifles – explained: “I have this new hobby of shooting an air rifle in the garden. It’s an air rifle, not a pistol It’s a lot of fun. It’s driving me out of my head, man.

“When I’m at home, I’m afraid that I’ll never walk properly or do another concert. So, I have to find something to take my mind off things.”

The ‘paranoid’ hitman has a number of different shooting targets at his home in Los Angeles, and despite his health, Ozzy insisted he was a ‘good shooter’.

He said: “I have a rangefinder. It’s amazing when you put it on. It’s f****** awesome.

“I’m a good shooter. I hit them right in the middle. But it’s been great for me. I thought of melodies.”


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