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Phil Collins will be questioned under oath about allegations that he is not washed or brushed your teeth.

The singer of In the Air Tonight sit for a videotaped deposition in December to be grilled by lawyers for his ex-wife Orianne Bates in the legal dispute over the former couple about their mansion in Florida – the jewelry designer says she was verbally promised half of her ex-partner – after the judge Carlos Guzmán decided that the case could move forward.

The spokesman Orianne said: “We are pleased to victory in this case, look forward to advance business, and as she has said from the beginning, we wait for justice.”

The lawyer of 47 years, Richard Wolfe, added: “I spoke with Phil lawyer and I anticipate his testimony in December after his current tour.

“We have always been ready and willing to discuss a resolution. Orianne has warm feelings for Phil because they have children together and she only wants what is fair and reasonable, and that Phil has agreed.”

Phil had tried to prevent his former spouse – who married Tom Bates, 32 last year – to prosecute him for half their former home in Miami Beach, but now advance case, he must face the Orianne issues of the legal team on various allegations that it has already made, notably by which the singer 70 years has abused alcohol and prescription drugs, has not brushed their teeth for months stopped showering and became “depressed, abusive and unable to have sex.”

A source told “Phil will be called to testify in this case now despite his efforts to stop Orianne and lawyers.

“This will be uncomfortable for Phil because he is notoriously shy and private, but questions will be asked about his life. Orianne is adamant she wants the world to know the truth and think that justice would be that Phil gives him half product of the house, she insists he promised verbally when they are separated.

“So questions about the state of mind, mental state, personal behavior and acts of Phil are all potentially on the table. Certainly if his lawyer could convince a jury that the spirit of Phil was affected by the alleged use of drugs and drinks, it would help his case.

“Certainly, even if the questions of hygiene and intimate interactions with it may seem trivial, it potentially portrayed the unusual nature of their relationship.

“The ball is now in Phil’s camp as to what he wants to make public or discuss because these statements will be filmed.”

Lawyers for the Genesis singer insisted the allegations were “scandalous, slanderous, unethical and, for the most part, patently false or grossly exaggerated” and argued that the jewelry designer’s claims were ” totally irrelevant “to the dispute over the house.

And the lawyer insisted that his statements concerning hygiene Phil were “scandalous, slanderous, unethical and, most obviously false or grossly exaggerated.”

An anonymous friend of Orianne – who has son Nicholas, 19, and Matthew, 15 with drummer – has insisted she did not want a legal dispute libelous, but simply wanted the case to be resolved.

They said: “Orianne think that even if his reputation is in question, ideally, she simply would if they shared the benefits of home People forget they still share two children together and she has. feeling that even though she loves him, she just wants what’s right. “

The former couple married in 1999 before breaking up seven years later, to find himself in 2016 but revived their relationship did not last and they separated.

At the time of their separation, the singer of One More Night was sentenced to pay a divorce settlement record of 46.76 million.


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