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Professional basketball player James Yap may have scored well against a formidable opponent, but it was still his ex-wife, Kris Aquino, who stunned audiences and even shocked his home TV network, ABS-CBN.

The TV host-actress, who is also a sister of President Benigno Aquino III, has said she is stepping down from ABS-CBN, where she has three shows going (including pre-recording).

In the meantime, you won’t hear any more about this controversy, which has gripped the country in recent days, as a Makati City court issued a gag order against Aquino and Yap in their dispute over the custody of their son from 5-year-old James Jr.

Judge Liza Marie Picardal-Tecson of Makati Regional Magistrates’ Court, Branch 144, delivered her ruling Friday at a hearing on the stay of departure order filed by Yap against Aquino, who is considering bringing their child, nicknamed Bimby, in Paris for a vacation this Holy Week.

Days before Yap filed his petition, the same court granted Aquino his request for a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) against Yap, who was ordered to stay away from Aquino and Bimby for at least 100 meters anywhere in the country.

Yap said he couldn’t accept the charges of attempted rape as claimed by Aquino, who he said also brainwashed their child to see him as an indifferent father.

On Thursday night, Aquino announced on ‘TV Patrol’ her resignation from showbiz, saying she wanted to spare her children (she has another son by actor Phillip Salvador) all the public attention she was receiving as that entertainment personality.

“Everyone is shocked by what happened,” an anonymous source told the Philippine Daily Inquirer today.
In addition to hosting the morning lifestyle show, “Kris TV,” Aquino also appears in the prime-time drama series, “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw” (What I Have need is you), and was scheduled to sit as a judge on a weekly reality show. contest, ‘Pilipinas Got Talent 4’ (Philippines Has Got Talent, Season 4), the first live episode of which will air on April 6.
To date, it was not clear whether Aquino, who still has nine months in his current contract with ABS-CBN, has already filed a formal resignation with his parent network.

Chiz fights for the heart

“Being rich doesn’t give you the right to despise other people.”

That was the message from reelection Senator Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero to the parents of his eight-month-old girlfriend, actress Heart Evangelista.

During an election outing in the city of Naga, an independent component town of the Bicol region, Escudero held a press conference to express his side in the ongoing family feud between Evangelista, real name Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco , and his parents.

Escudero released the statement after reports that he had just taken advantage of Evangelista’s popularity to gain more votes, and that his family did not like him for her because he did not have the same social status as they did. ‘them, and that he was arrogant and disrespectful to his parents.

He said he did not intend to respond to statements from Evangelista’s parents even though he was in pain on the inside, but changed his mind later because the problem was affecting his children from a previous marriage.

“I tried to understand Heart’s parents, but what they do to me and Heart is no longer fair,” Escudero stressed, saying his love for Evangelita remains and he will continue to fight for it. their relationship.

Evangelista’s parents released a public statement saying they were considering filing a lawsuit against Escudero for his arrogance and disrespectful behavior, and for “blaming an innocent person”.

The latest supposed complaint must have something to do with Mr. and Mrs. Ongpauco’s statement about Escudero trying to poison Evangelista’s mind to challenge his parents for him.

Cecille Ongpauco, Evangelista’s mother, was particularly hurt when her daughter released a public statement saying that she would no longer obey her parents when it came to matters of the heart as she was, at 28, already old enough to decide what was best for her.

The mother said it must have been Escudero who drafted the statement signed by Evangelista, who she said was also under pressure from the senator to abandon her mother as a talent manager.

Ongpauco also said that Esudero, whom she accused of living on her daughter’s resources, including a condominium and a Mercedes Benz car, did not even acknowledge her presence whenever their paths crossed. . She also didn’t approve of his drinking and arrogance, especially when he said he would be the president of the Philippines in 2016.

Evangelista, who said a few days ago that she was standing alongside Escudero, has no longer issued a statement on the ongoing controversy.

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