Ringo Starr misses “handsome” Charlie Watts | Entertainment News


“Handsome” Charlie Watts will miss Ringo Starr.

The 81-year-old musician pays tribute to his fellow drummer who died at the age of 80 last month, and Charlie is “having a lot of fun”.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz and other media to promote his new EP “Change the World”, “Yes, I miss Charlie. He was a beautiful person. He was like a quiet man…

“Me and Charlie, we hung out together. We didn’t like living together, living near London, meeting up for dinner or at concerts.

And the Beatles legend joked that Charlie struggled to keep the Rolling Stones together.

He said, “He had a group that was harder than me!”

Ringo’s new EP will be released on Friday (09.24.21).

The veteran musician has recorded all new tracks in his studio Roccabella West, as in his EP “Zoom In”. Ringo has previously revealed that he is working with the “new friends” on the record.

He says: “At the moment I said I wanted to release only the EP, but this is the next EP. What a blessing this year to have a home studio and to collaborate with many great musicians? Some people have worked with me and new friends before. “

The first single “Let’s Change The World” is an upbeat track with backing vocals from Amy Keys, Zelma Davis, Billy Valentine and Darryl Finesse.

On another track, “Just That Way”, Ringo works with Tony Chen and Zho Davis.

“Coming Undone” represents Ringo’s first collaboration with Linda Perry, who wrote the new track, and “Rock Around The Clock” shows Ringo working with guitarist Joe Walsh.

Ringo Starr misses the “handsome” Charlie Watts | Entertainment News

Ringo Starr misses the “handsome” Charlie Watts | Entertainment News


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