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Date published: September 30, 2021

Excited for the start of the new hockey season, Rochdale was playing away against Stockport Bramhall Ladies 2nds on Saturday September 25th. Unfortunately, the weather forecast did not receive the memo and the match was played in a damp drizzle.

From the first setback, it was clear that both teams were determined to start their season with a win. Stockport quickly made the first lead after gaining possession, but they were pushed back by a sharp tackle from Collinson who passed them to Pickering. Pickering avoided the first defender on his way with a quick deployment, but his run on the field was stopped just outside the D by the Stockport defense, who was able to intercept the side pass they made.

Another Stockport offense was stopped by Collinson, channeling the player to Rochdale’s left wing, allowing Knowles to put the ball into his possession and hit it on the wing towards Newton. Newton brought it down the wing before passing it to Yates. Stockport intercepted the pass, but Yates stole it before he could take advantage of it, but his next pass failed to find a Rochdale player in the D as Stockport ousted them.

Stockport managed to grab a small corner and managed to get around Rochdale’s defense and into the top right corner of the net.

Rochdale got up again and closed the next run Stockport did on their goal. Owen cleared the ball off the top of their D at McDonald’s, who sent it to Newton on the left wing. She led him down before passing him to Burrell, but the Stockport keeper left his baseline for a head-to-head and cleared the ball safely away from his goal.

Both teams had gotten deeper into the game, and despite Stockport getting two more short corners, they couldn’t score either as Rochdale’s defense hatched a solid plan and Partington made a great save. allowing them to clear the ball. . After the second, Hodcroft received the ball and made his way through the midfield before passing the ball to Parton when a defender came up to tackle him. Parton instinctively returned it to Hodcroft to keep running, giving him a shot on goal, only for the keeper to turn him down.

At halftime, Rochdale was still at a zero, but determined to come back. They knew they could, given how well they were playing.

A failed attack from Stockport gave Owen a free kick that made its way to Newton on the left wing, who quickly passed the player trying to score it. She tried to get him to the far post, but Stockport’s defense pulled him over. Later, Collinson was able to disrupt another attack from Stockport and passed it on to McDonald, who punched it down the field to where Burrell had an area of ​​free space. She led the ball the rest of the field, only to be forced to shoot aside by a Stockport defender. However, Yates was on the post to deflect the shot to the back of the net to secure Rochdale’s opening goal.

Stockport won another short turn, but Rochdale was ready for them and quickly cleared it to Hodcroft in the middle. She hurtled down the field around the players on her way to the top of the right wing, then slammed it through the D, where Burrell received it and slapped it into the far post.

Taking a free kick from the sideline on the left wing, Knowles slammed it across the pitch diagonally to where Parton had found the right spot to make a run in Stockport D, making a valiant effort to run on the pass, but unfortunately failed to be able to get his stick to the ball.

Pickering received the ball and pushed it down the wing, lifting off slightly in the center in an attempt to outsmart a Stockport player. Cut off, she turned as if to roll only to use a sneaky reverse slap towards Hodcroft who quickly took the ball through the right wing and into the D. Kicking it towards the goal and Burrell was again ready to guide him in. the goal.

The two teams continued to fight until the whistle was blown full time, but no more goals were scored in the remaining part of the game.

The final score was 3-1, with scorers Burrell (2) and Yates (1).

The player of the match and the referee’s player of the match was Becky Knowles.

Rochdale team:
Goalkeeper: Sam Partington.
Defense: Dionne Collinson, Becky Knowles, Gill Owen & Hannah Palmer.
Midfielder: Gemma Hodcroft, Paula McDonald, Becca Newton and Roisin Pickering.
attackers; Katie Burrell and Arabella Yates.
Substitute: Daisy Parton.

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