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Date published: November 16, 2021

Rochdale hosted Urmston Ladies 2nds on Saturday November 13, a surprisingly warm and sunny November day.

Urmston won the first push, but Rochdale quickly showed they weren’t going to make it easier. An attack from Urmston was repelled by Brammer channeling them to Rochdale’s left wing, and when they attempted to turn and shoot the play into Rochdale’s D, Collinson intercepted the ball and used his backhand for the pinch between players’ legs before running over it to sweep and clean it. An attack from Rochdale resulted in a short corner in their favor, they decided to turn things around and Owen joined the front and midfielder at the top of the D to take the strike. They got some good chances and a short second corner, but unfortunately they couldn’t get over the goal line.

After another Rochdale attack was knocked back from the baseline, McDonald took a long turn and passed it to Pickering on the right wing. Pickering used his quick footwork and v-drags to effortlessly weave his way around the three players on his way before passing it to Burrell in the D. Burrell took a shot, which was saved by the goalie, but Burrell was ready for the rebound and quickly lifted it over the goalie’s boot and Yates was ready and waiting on the post to help him cross the goal line.

Urmston made another run to Rochdale’s goal on his left wing, but Palmer managed to channel his runner and force a pass that drove Urmston straight into Owen’s path, who easily slipped the ball out of his possession and knocked him down on the field. in Knowles. Knowles passed it widely to Yates who circled an opposing player to send him back to Knowles for a shot on goal that was saved.

Another short corner gave Hodcroft the opportunity to strike the moment she was in the D and she knocked it into the net for a goal. Brammer took a free kick and sent it to Hodcroft in the middle of the field. She hurtled down the field before crossing it in the D to where Pickering had collided and was ready to retrieve the ball and hit it into the net for the third goal of the game. Urmston worried Rochdale’s defense when they were able to ram the ball into the top of their D, but their options were limited as all of their D players were marked.

When Urmston finally managed to find a hit, Hoyle saved him before pushing him aside. Collinson picked it up to make sure he left his D before passing it to McDonald’s in the middle, who in turn hit him at Burrell. Burrell led it to the D before passing it on to Richardson as she ran, who took a shot that flew off the wrong side of the post.

Knowles intercepted a pass from Urmston and passed it to Burrell on the left wing, who received the ball and led him to D. With Urmston’s defense still retreating, Burrell had no as the keeper on his way. The goalie was blocking the nearest post, so Burrell took the hit on his backhand in the far post and scored.

A free kick from Urmston from the sideline in the Rochdale defense zone descended to their right wing, channeled until they finally managed to find a way into the D through Rochdale’s backside. An Urmston forward ran into the D to receive the cross to hit him in goal, ending Rochdale’s clean sheet.

Richardson attacked a ball from an Urmston player to end up on the ground when the player attempted to catch it. Collinson caught the ball and was far down the field as Richardson quickly got to his feet and followed to provide reinforcement. Once in the last quarter of the opposition field, Collinson passed it to Burrell who got him around a defender to punch him to Hodcroft, who in turn walked through him to where Collinson had run to the penalty spot, which received and slapped him. in order to.

A series of quick braces between Hodcroft and Pickering along the right wing pushed the ball high into Urmston’s defensive zone, before hitting it into the D where Burrell was able to put a stick in an attempt to deflect it. Richardson had run over the post and put his stick on it to steer it the rest of the way towards the goal.

The final score was 6-1, with goal scorers Katie Burrell (1), Dionne Collinson (1), Gemma Hodcroft (1), Roisin Pickering (1), Rachael Richardson (1) and Arabella Yates (1).

The player of the match was Dionne Collinson.

Captain Knowles said: “What a performance! Every player worked hard today and it has finally paid off. Happy Saturday! “

Rochdale team:
Guardian; Claire Hoyle.
Defense; Kate Brammer, Dionne Collinson, Gill Owen and Hannah Palmer.
Midfielder: Gemma Hodcroft, Paula McDonald, Roisin Pickering and Arabella Yates.
attackers; Katie Burrell and Becky Knowles.
Substitute: Rachael Richardson.


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