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Date published: November 11, 2021

The Rochdale Ladies traveled to Stockport on Saturday 6 November to face Stockport Bramhall 3rds. With Covid and injuries, Rochdale only had a squad of 12, although this week’s game saw the welcome return of Claire Hoyle in goal.

Rochdale got off to a good start with a few quick passes, using all three channels to penetrate opponents D. Paula McDonald, Roisin Pickering, Gemma Hodcroft and Becca Newton worked hard to carry the ball onto the field to lead players Arabella Yates and Rachael Richardson , while Kate Brammer, Gill Owen and Becky Knowles supported from third defensive end.

Stockport scored twice in the first half and Rochdale had plenty of chances but couldn’t seem to find the back of the net. Daisy Parton, a promising young player, was inches away from securing a goal in Rochdale before the halftime whistle sounded.

Rochdale was eager to enter the second half and even score. The energy was high and Rochdale was clearly determined to make Stockport work hard. Short, crisp passes and communication from the defense moved up the pitch and made it increasingly difficult for Stockport to move the ball effectively.

Rochdale began to dominate the game and eventually their hard work paid off. A pass from Brammer to McDonald was given to Hodcroft atop the D. Hodcroft shot on goal which saw the ball fly into the right corner before the goalkeeper could react.

It was a big boost for Rochdale, but unfortunately the weather was not on their side and the final whistle was not long in coming. The match ended 2-1 against Stockport.

The player of the match was Gemma Hodcroft.

Captain Becky Knowles said: “Despite some questionable decisions from the referees the ladies kept going, that’s all I could ask for. Congratulations to everybody.

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