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Date published: December 21, 2021

The foggy skies on Sunday morning (December 12) foreshadowed little to no wind for the last day of racing on the lake this year. By noon, however, the weather had changed and a good breeze was blowing and providing thrilling races for the few who were ready to run.

As of this writing, the results are not available. Richard and Heather Marsh, in their RS400s, were having fun gliding downwind in high-speed gusts. They were always going to be way ahead of the loners. Young Lauren Marsh, in a Topper, finished the first race finding that enough for the day. At first, Richard Whitehill (Laser) followed Nick Hornsby in his Solo but quickly found himself far behind.

For the second race, they were joined by Andy Carter in another Solo. This resulted in a close fight between the two Solos. Carter took the lead but Hornsby got closer and then on the last lap Carter had to take a penalty which resulted in a battle for the lead and ignored Whitehill in the Laser who took advantage and stayed wide in the lead until the finish. Hornsby, attempting to evade Carter’s close-range tactics, capsizes then quickly straightens up to finish last.


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