Rochdale News | Sports news | Rugby Federation: Garstang 13 – 13 Littleborough


Date published: September 08, 2021

The good weather to start the new season created the perfect conditions for an entertaining match between Garstang and Littleborough on Saturday 4th September.

Host club Garstang has kicked off the first game of the new season. Boro attacked in the home side’s half of the field and kept the pressure on to bring them down to Garstang’s 25-yard line where they enjoyed a good chunk of the ball but did not score.

The hosts had the opportunity to score the first points of the game with a penalty attempt which, luckily for Boro, was unsuccessful.

Then Boro hit back with a good wing from Nathan Coop and Boro was able to apply some pressure again in the home side’s half. Boro couldn’t cross the line and the next play saw Andy Walton make a powerful tackle.

Now it was Mathew Goldthorpe’s turn to put in a great offensive run, creating great pressure on the host’s try area and this was followed by Boro’s center three-quarter, Roberts, who charged towards the bottom of the wing.

Just before the end of the first half, the host team broke away and their winger almost crossed the try line, but at the whistle the score remained 0-0.

Just two minutes into the second half, a brilliant fictitious pass from Oliver Bamford gave him the opening try of the match, transformed by Walton. 0-7.

However, after just 10 minutes of play, the host team crossed the Boro line for their first try and a conversion to tie the score. 7-7.

Walton scored with a successful penalty kick but Garstang almost immediately followed with his own penalty hit. 10-10.

Boro’s Coop then kicked in relief but was knocked down and needed attention. 13-10.

The host club then got a third penalty which they failed to score, giving Boro a chance to draw.

With the match almost over, the referee awarded Boro a penalty and Walton again managed to draw. 13-13.


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