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The obsession with Johansson’s son

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Scarlett Johansson’s son is obsessed with his feet.

The ‘Black Widow’ actress explained that four-month-old Cosmo – whom she has with her husband Colin Jost – just ‘realized’ he has toes and joked that it was a discovery “who changed his life” because now he can’t stop playing with them.

Speaking on ‘People (The TV Show!)’, She said: “[Cosmo’s] Great. He made all the fun discoveries like the feet.

“It’s the best. I mean, feet, who knew? There they are. It’s life changing.

“[He will] look at them, shoot them, chew them.

“It’s just amazing. I mean, can you imagine you never realized you had feet and then you looked down and there they were? You’re like ‘Whoa.’ “

And as for her seven-year-old daughter Rose – whose father is the ex-husband of 37-year-old actress Romain Dauriac – the youngster is “quite excited” to have discovered that her mother will be in “Sing 2”, after recently “finding out” how animated films work.

Scarlett said: “I think she’s pretty excited that I’m on ‘Sing 2’.

“Although it’s probably more abstract to her. Like she just figured out how animated movies work because it’s a bit of a surreal concept.”

Bono also appears in “Sing 2” and Scarlett – who released a Tom Waits cover album titled “Anywhere I Lay My Head” in 2008 and “Break Up,” a collaborative LP with songwriter Pete Yorn’s the following year – joked that she had to be open to a musical collaboration with the frontman of U2.

She joked, “I will only do it if Bono does it. Now he comes to my territory and then if I go to his territory we have to work on the album together.”

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