Severe thunderstorm warning canceled for Victoria as cleanup begins

A severe storm the warning was canceled for Victoria as the state begins to clean up after the devastating wild weather.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) issued an update at 5am this morning to say that severe thunderstorms were no longer occurring in the state.

“The immediate threat of severe thunderstorms has passed, but the situation will continue to be monitored and further warnings will be issued as necessary,” the BoM said.

People scramble on paddle boards as roads and streets are submerged in floodwaters. (New)
A cafe owner in Gisborne, northeast of Melbourne, drains flood water. (Photo: Paul Rovere) (Paul Rovere)

Up to 18,000 homes in Victoria powered by PowerCorp lost power, while the city of Geelong was left partly underwater and other areas felt hurricane-force wind gusts.

Heavy rains in Mentone on January 28. (New)
The Uber got stuck in the floodwaters. (New)

Flash flooding was seen across Melbourne, from Werribee to Mentone in the south east and McKinnon.

An Uber driver’s car was swept away by the deluge after trying to drive through a flash flood in Elwood, in the south of the city.

The driver and his young passenger managed to escape through the window when the car became lodged under a pedestrian bridge.

Lightning in the sky at Glen Waverley. (New)
Lighting across lit up the sky at Carrum Downs in Melbourne’s southeast. (New)

Skies raged over the city, causing major flash flooding on city roads, with some areas recording more than 60 millimeters of rain as lightning struck too close for comfort.

Large hailstones pelted cars on the Monash Freeway and shattered windows in Wheelers Hill.

‘Heartbreaking, heartbreaking’: Historic floods swallow cities

The SES has received more than 899 calls for help since the storms began at 9 p.m. Wednesday.


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