Showbiz news: Paula Lane will leave the cobblestones and Zayn Malik scores the first American number one and


CORONATION Street star Paula Lane is due to leave the show after six years playing struggling Kylie Platt.

The actress, who is pregnant with her second child, has revealed she will quit the soap opera when she takes maternity leave in June.

ITV said the writers are working on its “dramatic release,” which will focus on the climax of a storyline that saw Lane’s character murder villainous ex-boyfriend Callum Logan during a live episode in September. latest.

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ZAYN Malik celebrated in style as his first solo single went straight to number one in the United States.

He shared a photo of himself holding a cloud of well-deserved balloons, including a number one, as Pillowtalk was revealed to have taken No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart – beating the top of One Direction’s No. 2 spot.

Zayn also got number one in the UK after releasing his first solo single on January 29.

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SAMUEL L Jackson has revealed that he was previously the victim of racial profiling after an altercation with police more than two decades ago.

In a powerful play for Vanity Fair, the 67-year-old recounted an incident in which he was subjected to discriminatory law enforcement when he first appeared on the Hollywood stage. During the filming of the iconic Pulp Fiction, Samuel found himself filling in the gaps. enters filming while playing in a theatrical production in LA.

After finishing his performance one evening, the aspiring actor joined his friends at a nearby restaurant and it was on his return trip that Samuel encountered the police.

“Suddenly five sheriffs cars screamed. The police surrounded us, guns pointed, lights in our faces: “Get down on the ground! Samuel remembers.

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