Taliban ban Afghan women from playing sports


The Taliban will ban Afghan women from playing sports because “their face and physique will not be wrinkled,” the anti-phobia group confirmed at the moment.

The jihadists ordered all women to stay at home as part of a “momentary process,” cracked down on female-led protests and appointed a men’s-only wardrobe on Tuesday.

Now, the country’s newly chosen Deputy Minister of Tradition, Ahmadullah Wasiq, has confirmed the interpretation of the Taliban’s Sharia regulations regarding women’s sport.

“I don’t assume women will be allowed to play cricket because women don’t have to play cricket,” Wasiq told Australian broadcaster SBS.

“In cricket, they may face a situation where their face and body will not be aligned. Islam does not allow women to be seen like this.

“This is the media age, and there will be pictures and movies, after which people will look at them. Islam and the Islamic Emirate [Afghanistan] do not allow women to play cricket or engage in the type of sporting activity where they are discovered.

An Afghan woman watches throughout a cricket recess on the university grounds in Kabul on December 28, 2010. Cricket has been common with both sexes because the Taliban had been ousted by coalition forces but now women will not be allowed to play due to the jihadists assume it is conceited

The Afghan women's football team prepares for a match in Pakistan in November 2014

The Afghan women’s football team prepares for a match in Pakistan in November 2014

The Taliban have recognized that women will be able to return to work, nevertheless these hopes are rapidly diminishing with the brutal recourse by those who have taken to the streets to protest for their basic human rights.

Images emerged at that time, showing a group of women locked in the basement of a financial institution to prevent them from participating in the protests.

Another photo confirmed a girl looking at the barrel of an M-16 assault rifle pointed at her head by a Taliban fighter on the streets of Kabul.

Their lives were turned upside down by the sudden withdrawal of US troops which left US-backed authorities in Kabul to collapse.

The freedoms they had loved under this regime were immediately swept away, with many distinguished women fleeing abroad if they were potential, while others were too afraid to leave their homes.

It comes as former President Ashraf Ghani, who fled the country last month with $ 169 million in cash, apologized to the Afghans on Wednesday because “I couldn’t make it end any other way.”

In a press release on Twitter, Ghani said he left urging palace security to stay clear of the danger of bloody fighting, and once again denied stealing tens of millions. of dollars to treasure.

The US State Department said last night that no women had been appointed to the new interim authorities, made up of veteran Taliban members.

The carefully worded claim said it was an interim government and mentioned that Washington foresaw that Afghanistan would not become a base for terrorism.

“The world is watching closely,” the assertion mentioned.

Furious protesters took to the streets of the capital on Tuesday after the anti-Taliban resistance leader called a day earlier for a

Furious protesters took to the streets of the capital on Tuesday after the anti-Taliban resistance leader spoke of a “national rebellion” against the militant group the day before. Pictured: A Taliban fighter uses his weapon against protesters

While the Taliban should stay in favor of the boys’ cricket team, which boasts of a world game star in leg spinner Rashid Khan, the prejudicial stance on women’s participation seems unlikely to be relaxed , no matter what implications it might have. .

“We fought for our faith so that Islam would be adopted. We will not cross Islamic values ​​even if it leads to reverse reactions. We will not deviate from our Islamic guidelines, ”Wasiq said.

“In cricket and various sporting activities, women will not have an Islamic dress code.

“It is clear that they will be discovered and will not follow the dress code, and Islam does not allow that.”


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