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The weather system is continually changing due to global warming, bringing extreme heat and torrential rains to the UK. Average temperatures are steadily rising, which means 30 ° C heat, if not more, is to be expected for the remainder of the summer and for the foreseeable future. The higher temperatures and the rain mean that snow is simply unable to form.

Julian Faraway, professor of statistics at the University of Bath and expert on air pollution and floods, has now warned that the likelihood of the UK having a ‘White Christmas’ again is becoming’ less and less likely “.

Mr Faraway told “Of course it’s always possible, but the chances are diminishing.

“It’s not a sure thing but it’s more and more likely that people will have to get used to the temperatures we have experienced this year.

“What we see this year will be seen as normal rather than unusual.”

The expert claimed that the reason was global warming and that with warmer and wetter weather there was not as much snow as before.

Mr Faraway added: “Looking at the long term effects, we can expect warmer and more humid weather.

“I think people in the UK will have to adapt a bit.

“They’re going to be more uncomfortable with the summer weather because it’s going to be hot and it won’t be as cold in the winter.”

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Mr. Faraway continued, “The reason for the increase in flooding is climate change.

“It changes the weather system in the North Atlantic, which brings the weather to the UK and that’s where all storms come from.

“These are increasing in intensity and that is why we are seeing extreme weather conditions. “

Regarding Christmas, the expert concluded: “If you have children and they are excited about snow and ‘White Christmas’, I would say to them ‘let’s book a trip to Lapland’.


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