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Forecasters have warned that heavy rains and thunderstorms could befall Britain this week as unstable conditions hit the country. And, conditions could worsen this holiday Monday, with a forecaster pointing to a weather pattern showing a “nasty” system overwhelming the nation. But, according to the latest long-range weather maps, warmer air could soon sweep across Britain – pushing thermometers up to nearly 17C – in the second week of May.

Brian Gaze of The Weather Outlook warned of the “inconvenience” for the Holiday Monday.

He tweeted: “The Canadian global model brings a very unpleasant disruption to #bankholidaymonday”.

Along with his tweet, the forecaster posted a weather map showing much of England, Wales and parts of Scotland covered in rain.

Looking through the rest of this week on The Weather Outlook website, Brian Gaze said, “During Thursday and Friday showers affect the central and northern areas.

“In the north, they continue to have a winter flavor. The south may have a strange downpour but it should be mostly dry.

“It is likely that there will be a lot of clouds and the daytime temperatures will remain low.

“In much of the country, it should be particularly cold for the time of year.

“The cold theme continues this weekend. The whole of the UK could see showers and some of them can be heavy.

“Temperatures remain below average for the time of year and nighttime frosts continue to be a threat.”

He added: “The details of the forecast for the holiday Monday are uncertain. Some computer models suggest the possibility of longer periods of rain coming from the west. “

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The Met Office has also warned of more changeable conditions as the weekend approaches.

They said central and southern England could experience more persistent rainfall on Wednesday and Thursday.

Met Office chief operational meteorologist Steven Ramsdale added that “the weather heading into the statutory holiday weekend will be a bit more volatile than we’ve seen in recent days.”

He added: “There will sometimes be rain or showers for many, which should be welcomed by many farmers and gardeners after a dry April so far.”

They said: “The peak is likely to slide gradually eastward across continental Europe and will continue to bring a lot of dry weather, which is expected to persist through the second week of May.

“Temperatures are expected to moderate and tend to be near or above average with a few sunny afternoons as the Jet Stream pushes north.”

Long-term outlook from BBC Weather suggests thermometers in London could also reach 17 ° C on Saturday May 8 and Sunday May 9.


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