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Desperation in hurricane-hit Louisiana as temperatures soar amid blackouts and lack of water

In New Orleans, an ongoing power outage after Hurricane Ida would make the sweltering summer unbearable.

But in some areas outside the city, this misery is compounded by a lack of water, flooded neighborhoods and badly damaged houses.

Four days after Hurricane Ida passed, the impact of the storm – and progress in recovery – is unevenly felt in affected communities across the state of Louisiana.

The levee system was revamped after Katrina protected New Orleans from catastrophic flooding when Ida struck Sunday with winds of 150 mph.

As power was restored before dawn Thursday in parts of the city’s central business district, neighborhoods outside of New Orleans remained inundated and residents are still reeling from the damage to their homes. houses and their property.

More than 1,200 people were walking through some of Ida’s hardest-hit communities looking for those in need of help, according to the Louisiana Fire Marshal’s Office.

Gayle Lawrence lost two cars, refrigerators and almost everything in her garage to flood waters in the parish of Plaquemines in southern Louisiana.

She said her garage was filled with swamp grass and dead fish, while dozens of other homes in the neighborhood were also flooded.

“The house is solid. It hasn’t even moved. But when the water came up, it destroyed everything,” she said.


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