The NHC described Michael as “potentially catastrophic” as the intense Category 4 hurricane produced sustained winds of 145 mph as it made its way to the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday.

Michael could be the worst storm to ever hit the Panhandle and forecasters have said it will bring destructive winds and a potentially deadly storm surge.

But the storm is expected to cross the Atlantic and head towards Europe, but with less severe intensity.

A Met Office spokeswoman told ‘It is possible that this is hitting the UK, but it is too early to say for sure.

“Some models project the storm hitting Europe, but some say it could take a different path and hit Liberia.

“If he hit his head towards the UK it would be a different beast.

“Although it is not uncommon to have the remnants of storms on the other side of the Atlantic here. We might expect wet weather or maybe wet and windy conditions.

“But it’s far too early to know.”

It wouldn’t be the first time that the remains of a hurricane have hit the UK. Storm Helen last month brought strong winds and rain across the Atlantic.

And last year, ex-Hurricane Lee brought a low pressure system in UK.

Michael is expected to hit the United States on Wednesday afternoon local time, pushing water levels up to 14 feet (4.3 meters) above sea level.

A NOAA The spokesperson said the hurricane had the potential to be “historic” in its impact on the United States.

He said: “It’s important not to just focus on the core of the storm.

“This is a huge storm, we are looking at a 200 mile wind spreading from the center, so the tropical storm force winds will recede in parts of Alabama, even in parts of the center of the Florida.

It’s going to be a devastating, perhaps historic storm. “

More than 2.1 million people in 20 counties in Florida are subject to compulsory or voluntary evacuations.

But Georgia residents are also at serious risk of fatal illness, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) boss Brock Long has warned.


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