Wild weather will continue in South East Australia


A frontal system moves through Victoria, bringing wet and windy weather.

Heavy rains are forecast for Melbourne in the coming days.
People exercising at LGA Penrith during the COVID-19 lockdown. (Wolter Peeters)
Spring may have started a few days ago, but four places in New South Wales have already set temperature records.

The hottest recorded in the state was in the town of Wilcannia, northwestern New South Wales, with a high of 33.6 ° C, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

The highest temperature in Sydney was recorded at Penrith, with a peak of 24.4 ° C.

Hay in the western Riverina region reached 30.1 ° C, while Ivanhoe between the Lachlan and Darling rivers reached 32.1 ° C.

NSW was not the only state to set records.

A cold front in Victoria brought winds of 110 km / h in the state’s Dandenong Ranges.

Warm conditions are seen over much of the state ahead of a cold front.

A band of rain will move across western and southern New South Wales later today.

Rain is developing over the southwest and is expected to reach the Southern Ranges late this evening.

There is a risk of a thunderstorm in the far west and the south later in the afternoon or evening.

The extreme west can also expect northeast to northwest winds with a late change to the southwest.

Widespread rains are expected in Victoriawest before clearing later in the day and expanding east.

Isolated thunderstorms are expected, contracting in the east overnight.

Severe thunderstorms are possible in the east in the afternoon and evening.

Warm temperatures accompanied by cool northerly winds are expected in the Dandenong Ranges, becoming colder towards the southwest during the day.

There will be a low to medium chance of showers in Queenslandeastern districts of, increasing with a high probability on the northern tropical coast.

During this time there will be a medium to high chance of showers and scattered rain in the extreme southwest at the end of the day.

There is a risk of thunderstorms in the extreme southwest at the end of the day.

Conditions will be mostly sunny elsewhere, with temperatures near or below average in the east and tending to average or above average in the west.

Today there is a very high fire danger index in the peninsula district.

Temperatures will be warm in northeastern South Australia, with moderate to cool northerly winds, before a cooler and gusty change from southwest to south reaching the extreme northeast in the evening.

There will be cool to cold temperatures with moderate to cool southwest winds over the rest of the state and dry in the far west.

Thunderstorms and small hail are possible near the southern coasts in the evening.

Small hail possible along the south coast in the morning.

Widespread morning frost over the interior of the Southwestern Land Divide, southeastern Gascoyne and the Goldfields.

This will increase to a medium to high chance on the Simpson District.

A high fire danger rating is in place for northern Elliott and western Lasseter District.

synoptic map

Rain extending statewide during the day changing to showers in the west and southerly in the evening.

Tasmanians can also expect northwest to west winds during the day.

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