Windows 10: Customize your taskbar to get the latest information on weather, inventory, traffic, and more


Keep up to date with the news that matters to you with Microsoft’s Windows 10 taskbar update, rolling out now.


that of Microsoft Windows 11 is on its way, but don’t miss the opportunity to customize your Windows 10 taskbar in the meantime. With a feature called News & Interest, you can quickly access a feed of news, weather, actions, and traffic content right from your taskbar. It will also update you automatically throughout the day.

You’ll see a widget-like icon on your taskbar and can hover over it for more information, without opening an app or changing devices. You can adjust the type of information you see and the way it is displayed. The feed will also learn your preferences over time – you can tell it what items you like or don’t like to see. If you have a Mac, it’s similar to Widgets functionality in MacOS Big Sur.

Taskbar news and interests are updated first rolled out to Windows Insiders in January.

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How to customize your Windows 10 taskbar with news and interests

1. Once the update has rolled out to you, you’ll see an icon and text with the current weather in your area, along with other icons on news, sports, actions, and traffic. Hover over each to see more information.

2. To customize the topics that interest you and the fact sheets you see, on each card, select More options and click More stories like this Where Less stories like this. Also use emoji to react to stories. You can also use the interest manager to directly indicate the topics that interest you, as well as the sources you want to follow.

3. To turn off any of the icons, hover over the map and select the three-dot menu, then select To hide from the drop-down list. To bring the icon back, you will need to go to Manage interest then choose Manage interests> Experience settings. To see the changes, press the Refresh button.

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